Someone doesn’t seem to think that the sex tape is sexy!


Check out the video below:


  1. Ok so mimi was most likely betrayed by Nikko and there was no point of return all I have to say is keep ur head up and #yolo get your money girl.

  2. All I’m goin to say is. God Bless Mimis Daughter . Mimi Your man ain’t right. I cried when I saw the video . Your right Mimi you really goin to have to talk to your daughter soon not later soon. Parents talk and kids listen . Shes goin to hear your name slander and wonder why. God Bless your family. And sorry to say this but Fluck you Nikko oh lame ass mosit ass bitch. You talkin about money and not even worried bout howyour woman or her daughter feel. Y
    You make me sick to my stomach. Mimi fuck love Mimi think about this. I actually looked up to you thought you was better then trying to please a man anymore. Much love and God bless you.

    1. I agree with you…your body is your temple and if you don’t respect it no one will…When our children see us behaving like this what can we say to them…our actions bring about positive or negative reaction.There’s not enough money or love to cause any woman who respect themselves enough to allow some man to put them out there to be’s all about integrity and protecting your children from the cruel and harsh society we live in .. You will never get your name nor rep. back…but I assume Mini had more sense..women don’t act like wild ass ghetto trash for no damn loser like Nikko get real the tape was being video by professional..Mimi why did you allow this BS.

      ou can never get your imag,back

  3. What ever they do it’s there bisness ! Like people acting like they never seen people have sex . They are grown let it be . Yeah it’s disturbing but everything happens for a reason .

    1. Whatever two people share in their bedroom should be kept in the privacy of there home …What do anyone get out watching others have sex…to each it’s on..Sex is beautiful when shared with someone you love and trust…but the world do not need to see all this…

  4. Mimi you need to be ashamed of yourself to sell your soul for money. You have your own cleaning business right? So what is all this talk about having to provide for your daughter. I think you and Nikko planned this whole thing. Your daughter will have to live with this mess for the rest of her life.

  5. you dumb asses dont believe the hype in the shower the camera was moving am i the only one that noticed this is a professional tape made to look like home vid someone was in the bathroom moving the cam

  6. Aleast she don’t look like man. Stop calling people old she don’t have no gray hair. She is not in her 70’s and she beautiful. Maybe he should marry Mimi. What’s done is done. MIMI DON’T WORRY ABOUT PEOPLE BAD BREATH TALKING. THEY JUST JEALOUS CAUSE THEY NOT IN THE VIDEO!!! HE HE.:-) :-) :-)

    1. People do dirt everyday in the eyesight of the Lord behind close door them sinner just don’t get caught on camera.

      1. For you Mimi read scripture John 8:7 Matthew 7:1 much love you are a great Mother. I pray for you wish you the best.

  7. Mimi I’m sorry that your daughter will have to live with this mess. And Nikko was wrong for leaking that tape

  8. Mimi yo ass stupid and you was on board with Nikko from the jump… You not a good actress at all.. how you try to play mad and now a shame of the sex tape. Girl please you signed that paper didn’t you? Stick to your cleaning job and get that story right for your daughter cause its coming quick give or take 1st or 2nd grade… Oh Yeah get over your baby Daddy maybe you can think straight..

  9. Ion see why everybody wanna judge her I mean everybody watch porn just cuz some know her from t.v. or maybe in person don’t mean nun cuz if u didn’t know her u may of had just watched the porn anyway but atleast it was wit her man and not no random azz nigga I can’t be mad at here I still love mimi although she 45 the porn wasn’t for her but it something she wanted to do so people need to hop off dick and get sum business ……. yall need to keep it cute and stop hater jackin #Its only wright

  10. Ok, so what if mimi made a sex tape, all i can say have no regrets in what you do. I know she has a daughter, put that little girl in an all girls school to avoid the harassment. But in all reality nikko is a low down dirty bastard for leaking the tape n mimi you a fool to not see it. One love though because your a champ for handling it like a lady. Fuck them hating ass bitches

  11. MiMi I love you to death an I feel like you didc whats best for you an your daughter!! You had no other choice regardless of what your going thru keep your head up an continue to pray an look to god he will bring you thru!! You are a woman and a mother before anything EVERy body makes mistakes an aren’t always proud of the mistakes they make live life with out regrets cause everything is a lesson taught to be learned!! I hope you read this an it makes you feel better cause you still have people on your side!!You are a bbeautiful woman an a awesome mother keep faith an keep going!!

  12. All these people passing judgement when you leave they want be the one judging you!!! An their judgement day is coming too!!

  13. Nikki is not the man for u his sex might be good but u are old enough to know game his wife is living off your dam ass and she have no regret you made her family money she have no shame only ass showing is your with a little girl that have be shame of her stuip mom you should get Stevie j back he didn’t pimp you so stop downing him u made a big mistake redeem yourself get your family together joseline is his pimp so forgive and get your family back together god forgive don’t let Nikki drag down he look guity redeem your life for child that what parent do I rather be broke than rich whore and child life mess up

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