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Let’s Talk: Street Saucy Stylez (Chiraq Edition)

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Her bright hair colors will first grasp your attention, but this young Chicago native is very fashionable. Being as though a lot of people don’t see Chicago as a fashionable state, she surely will make you change your mind. When you hear Chicago you automatically think ratchet because the perspectives people get of Chief Keef. BUT NOOOOOO……Young 22 year old Kandyce loves the thought of being able to inspire others with the way she can throw something together. Not only does she look cute, but she also helps others look like the best they can be. She is a stylist at Akira in  Chicago and tells us that ” Style is not what you wear it’s how you wear it”. Her style is very tom boyish but edgy at the same time.. LOVEEEEE LOVEEE IT! Check her out on Ig @kandyy_sweet
Check out this fashionista below and :




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